Commercial Leaf Blowers

| Handheld, Wheeled, And Backpack

Leaf blowers have been around since the 70’s and their efficiency has guaranteed their continued use in outdoor cleaning projects since then. The leaf blower can either be used in small areas like at home for clean looking patios, a suave lawn or for keeping leaves from trees at bay. On the other hand, the leaf blowers are applied in large scale ground maintenance like in the commercial settings. Here we’ll look at the commercial leaf blowers.

Used in large-scale processes, the commercial leaf blowers can be operated using two power sources; one is through a direct power cable connected and the other is the battery operated power source. The battery operated commercial leaf blowers are more opted for since they don’t need the power cable connected to them and are easier to move around with. The setback is they don’t run for longer periods since they constantly have to be recharged to keep the battery working. The power source operated blowers have limited mobility due to the power cable but you can operate as long as the power is available. Hence they run for longer hours.

The commercial leaf blowers are divided in three categories; the handheld, the wheeled or walk behind and the backpack leaf blowers. The handheld commercial leaf blowers come to play in most clean up jobs since they are easier to use. They are electrically operated meaning a power cord on them and they are also lightweight and less tedious to hold while blowing away. The handheld blowers also stand a better chance to be chosen since they have no emissions. Modern technology has also seen the release of hand-held leaf blowers that are gas operated. The free mobility is a plus on this one but the gas emissions are a setback that will have to be considered too.

The second choice of commercial leaf blowers are the backpacks.  They are worn on the back during clean ups and are operated by a fan and engine situated at the back with the blowing tube connected from the back all the way to the front. The back-pack commercial leaf blowers are gas operated hence have greater mobility and can work on larger areas. They also have a higher power than the handheld blowers thus are more efficient.

The setback of the backpack blowers is they have emissions as a result of the gas operations. Moreover, these commercial leaf blowers are single tasked that is can only be used to blow leaves away; they don’t do any leaf shredding or vacuum jobs.

The last bit of commercial leaf blowers are the wheeled or walk behinds. The wheeled blowers have more powered compared to the above two. They are perfect for large scale clean up since they can blow leaves to a wider area. Best put, the y can blow a whole lawn! The wheeled commercial leaf blowers are also gas operated. They have four stroke engines in them limiting the trouble of mixing oils with gasoline. However, the walk-behind commercial leaf blowers are much more technical and require experts with experience to operate them.

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